Catching Up….

I didn’t mean to go silent on this here blog. I just haven’t really felt like blogging, so I haven’t. 🙂 But I thought  I would do quick recap, in list form,  of how 2017 has been for us so far.

1. We had a low-key New Year’s Eve celebration. We took the kids to eat at Cracker Barrel and to see Moana (so cute, by the way) at the theater, and then we headed home and were just lazy for rest of the night. We had a yummy taco dinner and played Clue. Both of the kiddos were still awake at midnight to see the ball drop (but Jack just barely!)

First picture of 2017!

2. There has been LOTS of playing in the tree house for two munchkins. What a great Christmas present for them!

3. We have completely planned and made reservations for our summer road trip! This is going to be our longest one yet, and we are all 4 SO excited! More details to come on this later.

4. We had our first snow of the season, the Friday after we started school back. It was a very unexpected snow; they weren’t even calling for flurries! It started flurrying when we got to school, and by 8:30 the roads were covered! The kiddos loved getting to play in the snow at playtime, though!

It was a coooold few days, so the snow stuck around for a couple of days, at least on the grass. Our kiddos had a blast playing in it, even if it wasn’t much! I personally loved the fact that BOTH of my kiddos can put on all their snow gear independently, and go play outside in the cold by themselves!

5.  These two are growing like weeds, and looked entirely too old in their new clothes from Aunt Angela and Uncle Jim on Sunday.

6. This is the first year Josie has been old enough to take private after school art lessons at JECA, and she is absolutely eating it up. She drew this! No tracing! And used chalk pastels to color it. So grateful we are at a place where she has such wonderful resources for learning and cultivating her gifts.

7. Jack is reading now! Tonight he wanted to do his reading homework with Pappy. 🙂

8. Jake has been on a business trip all week, and we all three have missed him like crazy. He comes back tonight, and the kiddos are SO excited to see him when they wake up in the morning. They love their daddy, so, so much….and so do I!

9. I don’t make resolutions. But I do make loose “goals” for myself each year. A couple of my goals this year : Read the Bible consistently. Ideally, 5 times a week. Work out (ideally) 4 times a week. Do 2 more triathlons (already signed up for one in April!)
Now, I’m realistic enough to know that my goals are just that- goals. If I don’t make them, it’s not the end of the world. But I do better when I have goals to strive towards.

10. I didn’t really have a 10, but I couldn’t just list 9 things!

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