Christmas 2016

Well, Christmas has come and went once again, and it was a good one around here. We did our normal jive- Mama Judy’s Christmas Eve morning, Christmas Eve night at Nana’s, Christmas morning/day at Mom and Dad’s, and back to Mama Judy’s for some soup Christmas evening. 

Some thoughts about Christmas this year: 

-Our kiddos are getting big, as proved by the fact that we only brought a few “toys” home this Christmas. Lots of board games, and lots of “big kid” stuff, like accessories for the treehouse, a kayak (for Jack), a BB gun and knife (for Jo), and all kinds of cool bike accessories for both. Jo was excited to get clothes, and Jack was thrilled to get a lot of new board games. They were both thrilled to get new Bibles-the Action Bible for Jo (it is a comic book) and The Biggest Story for Jack. I would like to say that I was bit sad to not be putting together lots of new toys….but I’m not. 🙂 I am thoroughly enjoying this new stage of big kid-ness!  

-Christmases at Mama Judy’s are getting quieter as the kiddos are all getting bigger. Christmases at Nana’s are getting LOUDER and LOUDER as we add more and more kiddos and in-laws to the mix! 🙂 

-As big as my kiddos are getting, two of their favorite Christmas morning things still are getting a new stuffed animal in their stocking, and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. 🙂 Love their hearts. 

– Jack’s a sweetheart. They got movie gift cards at from Josh and Jackie on Christmas Eve, and they also got movie gift cards in their stockings on Christmas morning. As soon as Jack pulled his out, he said “Oh yay! Now we have four, so our whole family can go to a movie together!” So, so precious and sweet. 

-Christmas days should ALWAYS be 70 degrees. Seriously. Who needs white Christmases? I much prefer being outside all day! We were outside 90% of the day, and even opened gifts on the porch. 🙂 Jack even got to try out his new kayak from Grammy and Pappy in their pond! 

-We had our church service in the cabin, and it was really, really nice. Steven led the singing, and Uncle Andy gave a short little message from Luke 2. Uncle Bill and Daddy led us in having the Lord’s Supper. It was a good way to pause and reflect on the reason why we were all gathered. Christmas should be on Sunday every year. 

Casey made them new Christmas shirts. 🙂

Annual cousins picture!

MeeMaw got Jake some HUGE playing cards. So of course Liz and Jake had to play Speed. 

Josie’s new Jenga game was a BIG hit! 

Love Jennie. 🙂

Jack loves Beau

Grilling our yummy Christmas present from Nana-steaks! 

Everett’s first Christmas! 

Board games for the win.

Sweet brothers.


Shshr, the biggest kid of all. 

As proved by her love of her new Christmas pjs to match the kids. 🙂

Look at all these great grand babies!! We are blessed. 🙂

Stockings full of goodies and hammocks for the treehouse! 

So excited to find his new dragon stuffed animal! 

Jake has been telling Josie for weeks that we were going to get her a snake for Christmas. So she thought it was HILARIOUS when she found a snake (stuffed, of course!) in her stocking. 🙂

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

Our feast! Cooked (mostly) by the men of the family each year. 

Doesn’t every family blow duck calls together on Christmas morning? 

All the kiddos in the loft for church. 

Opening presents on the porch! 

Chad showing Jack how his light saber should be used. 🙂

Pappy teaching Josie all about her new BB gun 🙂

Merry Christmas, y’all! 

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