T’was the week before Christmas….

This has been a good week. The kids and I got out of school last Friday with a half day, and Jake also finished up his work, so we have had a whole week chock full of hanging out together. And it has been good. There has been lots of lounging around, family movie nights, iPad playing, mischief making, and baking going on around here. So, just for my memory’s sake, here is a quick recap. 

These kiddos got to playing the minute we got home from school on Friday! 

Saturday we hung out at Mama Judy’s all day and had a wonderful Christmas lunch with Roy, Deb, and Jennie. It was so good to see them all!

Sunday was a little eventful, because there had been freezing fog the night before, and Betts Rd was a slick mess…we fairly slid our way to church! It was all thawed by the time we came home, though. Sunday night Josie and I made our annual puppy chow. 

Monday morning I had a photo shoot and the kiddos had a dentist appointment, so we did those things, ran some errands, and then came home to hang out the rest of the day. Not much excitement, but a good day. 

Tuesday was just a hang out day, too, with the exception of going to drop my car off at the shop to get the bumper repaired. Tuesday night I went and got my hair cut. I got a wild idea and got bangs. 😛 

Wednesday was a fun, full day! Wednesday morning the kiddos and I met sweet church friends at Circus World to hang out and play-Wednesday’s are half price day! They played Laser Tag, did bungee jumping, roller skated, bumper cars, and a few games- they had a blast! 

Josie was NOT about to go in that dark room for Laser Tag. So she got a head start on roller skating, instead. This was Jack’s first experience with Laser Tag, and he (of course) thought it was the greatest thing, EVER. 

After Circus World, we came home to eat lunch and pick up Jake, and then we headed to Grammy and Pappy’s to make chocolate Christmas candy. Basically, we melted chocolate and covered all kinds of stuff in it….pretzels, peanuts, peanut butter and crackers, marshmallows, etc. Fun stuff! 

And, of course, there was deer watching, too. 

Wednesday night the kiddos got to go to a Vandy game with Shshr and Nana, and then they got to spend the night with Shshr! They were so excited because Shshr was dog-sitting two labs that they love. 🙂 They had a blast. 

While they were doing that, Jake and I went to a soup supper at one of our favorite couple’s houses, and hung out there until late. 

Thursday, since the kiddos were still with Shshr, Jake and I had a little unexpected day date. (Those are always the best kinds!) We went to a reclaimed lumber store in Nashville, and then went to get hot chicken at Pepperfire. Yum! 

Then we headed to get the kiddos. We ended up staying awhile so that Josie could build a gingerbread house that Nana had gotten her. She was SO excited about it! 

After that we headed home, and that night the kids helped me make ginger bread cookies and a gingerbread cake. They had so much fun! I had never made real ginger bread cookies before, and they turned out to be delicious!

Today I got to meet up with Robin for our annual Christmas date while Jake stayed at the house with the kiddos and Justin came to play games. 

Robin needed to run an errand in Nashville, so it was the perfect excuse to go to Biscuit Love! 


We had a great day running last minute errands together and just hanging out- I love friends that you can just pick right back up with, no matter how long it has been since you’ve last seen them. 🙂 

This afternoon Josie and I decorated our gingerbread cake to take to Nana’s tomorrow. Tonight we let the kiddos exchange their presents to each other, and Jake and I exchanged gifts. He got me a bunch of awesome clothes (he always does such a great job picking out clothes for me!), and I got him a parlor guitar. We ended the night watching Kubo- it was cute! 

It has been a good, sweet week. One of my favorite parts about Christmas break is that is just a stay-cation for us; we just get to do lots of hanging out, and never have many obligations. Looking forward to seeing lots of family the next two days, and then having another week of hanging out! 🙂

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