Thanksgiving long weekending…

We had a good long weekend around here, and a good, relaxing Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because, for us, it is very low key. No traveling, lots of sleeping in. We go to Nana’s on Thursday with all my family, and Mama Judy’s on Friday with all of Jake’s family. 

Wednesday I had a couple of photo shoots, and I dusted the house in preparation for Christmas decorating. 🙂 I also did some Thanksgiving meal prep-baking sweet potatoes! I finally used up all the ones from last year that I had in the freezer, so it was time to start using the new. 🙂

Thursday the kids and I watched the parade (a yearly tradition) while Jake worked on the tree house a bit before we went to Nana’s. Then we spend the whole rest of the day at Nana’s, just eating and hanging out. This was the first year in many that the whole family actually got to be there all at the same time- that was great. 

Nana wanted me to take a new picture for her Facebook profile. 🙂 She is just gorgeous. 

Her house is now all updated! 

My mom and dad 🙂 I haven’t had an updated picture of them in forever, so I decided to remedy that. 

Shenanigans with Shshr, of course. 

All of Ta’s family!

My pretty girl.

A feast for sure!

Beau certainly enjoyed his first Thanksgiving! 

We spent some time trying to get a Christmas card picture for mom of all the grand babies in their Christmas pjs. That was CRAZY-town. But I did get a couple of sweet shots of these two….

Friday we headed over to Mama Judy’s for another feast and hanging out. The kids had such a good time playing in the woods, making forts! 🙂 It’s fun that they are getting big enough to do stuff like that together. 

We were thrilled that Shirley got to join us this year! 🙂

Saturday I was a busy lady with two photo shoots, but I had PROMISED Jack I would play a board game with him this weekend, and he was not about to let me forget, so we did that Saturday night. 🙂

And then Saturday I finally got to watch the first of the Gilmore Girls’ new episodes! Yay! 

Today was church for me…..Jack, Josie, and Jake stayed home because they have all had colds, so I thought the extra rest would be good for them. We ate leftovers at Nana’s for lunch, so the kiddos helped Shshr decorate Nana’s tree. 

Then we came home and did all of our decorating! I always dread the decorating, but once it’s over I enjoy the prettiness. 🙂 We kept it really simple this year, and didn’t even get out half of the decorations, but it was enough to get the kids super happy and excited. 🙂 I changed up the tree this year with some ribbon, and put the base in a bucket, and I’m happy with the changes. It needed some updating. 🙂

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