This weekend was just what we needed to be able to recuperate from our crazy-busy fall. This was literally the first weekend in months that we had absolutely nothing on the schedule,  and it was glorious. 

Friday night I experimented with my new pressure cooker- man I love that thing- so far we’ve loved everything we’ve tried in it. Then we had a family game night because Jack has been begging for weeks to learn to play “Monockoly” (Monopoly). So we played…for forever. We finished a whole game, even though the kids ended up going to bed past 10. 🙂 They had fun, though! 

Saturday morning I stayed in my bed past 11:00, and I am not ashamed at all. I wasn’t asleep the whole time, but there is just something about not having to get up that does body, mind, and soul good. We finally did get up and then I tried out my pressure cooker again and made some AWESOME sausage gravy. This is the recipe I have been looking for literally for years. Finally nailed it, and it is a keeper! The rest of the day was good….it was beautiful weather, so the kids stayed outside all day long. Jake worked on the tree house, and I helped him with a couple of boards he couldn’t do by himself. I did laundry and edited some pictures, and then we all dug up the sweet potatoes. We got 162 pounds! We only planted 3 plants this year….sweet potatoes like our raised beds. Jack, of course, was absolutely thrilled. We had a family movie night and a dinner picnic after dark. Kung Fu Panda 3. Then Jake and I stayed up way to late and watched Interstellar-that will really make your brain spin!

This morning was beautiful, and I love the leaves in our yard right now, so before church we took our annual family photo with the tripod. 🙂 After an awesome church service, we ate lunch, I helped Jack with his first official school project, and then we all piddled outside. Jack just had to have a sweet potato for dinner tonight. 🙂 He ate a ton! He is eating us out of house and home right now-I think he’s finally growing! 

It was a sweet, restful weekend with my family. I am so thankful for these opportunities to spend these weekends together. 

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