Halloween 2016

We had a pretty good Halloween around these parts. On Sunday I took the kiddos to Mee-Maw’s church for their Fall Festival. They had a great time playing games, riding ponies, and going on a hayride. 🙂 Perfect stuff for my little cowboy and Indian.
Last night we made a few trick-or-treating stops at Mrs. Cindy’s, Mee-Maw’s, Becca and Chris’s, and Mrs. Betty’s before we headed down to Mom and Dad’s to see everyone else and eat some dinner. It was a sweet night, and we actually managed to get ALL the great grand babies in one picture! What a feat!

About these kiddos costumes: Ta made Josie’s adorable Indian costume, and she is wearing MY moccasins from when I was little. 🙂 Jack had said he wanted to be a “swirl” hunter for weeks, and then had a last minute change of heart Sunday morning. So I asked a friend from church to borrow some cowboy boots, and then Ta said she still had Justin’s cowboy costume from when he was little! Jack LOVED his costume- he told me yesterday “I am ‘wocking’ (rocking) this cowboy thing!”

They were thrilled about the pony rides! 

Goofy kiddos

Trick or treating!

We love visiting Mrs. Betty every year!!

And this is what it looks like when you try to take pictures of 6 kids, with 4 of them under 3…..we were just glad we got them all in one picture! 

Jack and Kinley love each other so much…and they were both cowboys last night, which they thought was so cool! 

I love this sweet girl! 

Casey gave these kids these goofy glasses, and they were a hit! 

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