Fall Break, Part 1

We had a great fall break around here. We were out of town the whole time, so it was nice to come back home today, too. There is nothing like your own house when you’ve been out of town for awhile. 🙂 

The first part of fall break we went to Dale Hollow Dam to camp with my parents, Ta and Tommy, Andy and Christie and their kids, Casey and the kids, and Mr. Rick and Mrs. Nancy. It was such a great, relaxing trip-just what we’ve needed after our busy first semester. There was a lot of reading, hanging out, sitting around fires, bike riding, spending the night with cousins, movie watching, s’more roasting, and just resting. The highlight of the trip for the kids was getting to go squirrel hunting with Pappy and Jake. (Or “swirl” hunting, as Jack says). Jack went with Pappy-this was his first official hunting trip! And in Jack’s words, “we caught two swirls!” Jake and Josie didn’t shoot any squirrels, but they saw a bobcat!! Josie said that was SO much better than getting a squirrel! 

And here are some straight-out-of-the-camera pictures. I actually didn’t take a ton of pictures, because I was just enjoying just being. 🙂

Sweet Beau

Lane loves his bike! 

Before the “swirl” hunt

Josie hunting for squirrels

Jack with his squirrels!

After the hunt


Cousin sleepover!

Movie watching

The every-time-we-go-to-the-dam visit to the fish hatchery. 

One day Mom, Ta, and I took the kids up to the lake to kayak. It was SO pretty. 

The kiddos with their Grammy and Pappy

Squirrel tails! 

Just relaxin in the hammock….

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