So humbled and blessed

I have to share how blessed and humbled I was today. A mom at my school randomly texted me today and asked if she could bring me dinner tonight. I was blown away by her kindness and responded that of course she could! What she doesn’t know is how much she blessed me today. This is a particularly busy/crazy week for me, and today I had about 417 things that needed to be accomplished, and dinner was one of those things. And she completely took that off my list! She showed up this afternoon at school with a complete dinner in a bag, ready to warm up and eat- homemade potato soup, homemade bread, and a pre-prepared salad, hand cut. What.a.blessing. I am so thankful to be working at a place where I am surrounded by people who are constantly thinking of ways to bless others. I am thankful that God is continually teaching me lessons in being humble, and teaching me to allow others to serve me, and to not be prideful. What an amazing gift to my family, in so many ways. Just feeling thankful tonight. 

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