Conversations with Jack

Jack: Mommy, what letter makes the “uh” sound again?

Me: U

Jack: oh yeah! I think I can spell elephant!


(So, I know that is totally not how you spell elephant, of course, but this was his first official word to spell on his own, and I am so happy that he has figured out how the letter sounds can go together to make words! #jecak)

Fall Break, part 2

For the second part of fall break, we headed straight from the dam to Rock Island State Park. We stayed in our camper, and Liz and the kids, Mama Judy, and Jennie stayed in a cabin. We love Rock Island. This was our second time stay there, but the last time ago was before we had kids. It is such an awesome park-there are great hiking trails, beautiful waterfalls, and an awesome gorge to play in. It was a good trip, full of bike riding and playing hide-and-seek on the playground, hiking, kayaking, card playing, sitting around fires, and just hanging out. The kids love getting to spend so much time with their cousins!

(Straight-out-of-the-camera pics-no editing) 🙂

Hiking down to the “Blue Hole.” The kids loved this trail the most, because they got to hike through a creek and got their shoes all wet! 

Blue Hole

I love this family of mine. 🙂

Lots of hanging out time. 🙂

One day we hiked down to the gorge, which was “GORGE-ous!” Ha, ha. Seriously, it was so much fun climbing all over the place and exploring. 

Love this guy. 

We also saw this snake! Jack spotted it. 

Later that afternoon we went to the Twin Falls. It is so beautiful. I could sit there forever, just watching it an listening to the water. The kids had a blast, because there were some white water kayakers practicing, and they were really good! 

Pretty girl. 

I may or may not have had a bike wreck one day….

S’more night!

One day we drove over to Burgess Falls State Park to walk the trail there to see the waterfalls-it was beautiful, too. I love all the beautiful sights there are to see in Tennessee! 

We were REALLY high up. 

One day Jake and I went kayaking. It was so peaceful. 

Lots of card playing…

Saturday we took all the kids down to the river and let them kayak. They had a blast!

Talking with Jennie on the trail…

Picnic on our last day….

It was such a good trip, and I am so glad we got to spend so much times as a family, hanging out and getting to enjoy God’s beautiful handiwork. 

Fall Break, Part 1

We had a great fall break around here. We were out of town the whole time, so it was nice to come back home today, too. There is nothing like your own house when you’ve been out of town for awhile. 🙂 

The first part of fall break we went to Dale Hollow Dam to camp with my parents, Ta and Tommy, Andy and Christie and their kids, Casey and the kids, and Mr. Rick and Mrs. Nancy. It was such a great, relaxing trip-just what we’ve needed after our busy first semester. There was a lot of reading, hanging out, sitting around fires, bike riding, spending the night with cousins, movie watching, s’more roasting, and just resting. The highlight of the trip for the kids was getting to go squirrel hunting with Pappy and Jake. (Or “swirl” hunting, as Jack says). Jack went with Pappy-this was his first official hunting trip! And in Jack’s words, “we caught two swirls!” Jake and Josie didn’t shoot any squirrels, but they saw a bobcat!! Josie said that was SO much better than getting a squirrel! 

And here are some straight-out-of-the-camera pictures. I actually didn’t take a ton of pictures, because I was just enjoying just being. 🙂

Sweet Beau

Lane loves his bike! 

Before the “swirl” hunt

Josie hunting for squirrels

Jack with his squirrels!

After the hunt


Cousin sleepover!

Movie watching

The every-time-we-go-to-the-dam visit to the fish hatchery. 

One day Mom, Ta, and I took the kids up to the lake to kayak. It was SO pretty. 

The kiddos with their Grammy and Pappy

Squirrel tails! 

Just relaxin in the hammock….