100 days project

Just a few more days left! Here is the past week…and why, yes, some of these were taken at 9:00 at night (or later)…..this project was definitely easier in the summertime! 

Day 87: 

Sleeping boy-working on low lighting

Day 88: 

My favorite smiley girl-working on perspective

Day 89: 

Working on some food-picture editing tricks

Day 90: 

Sweet Abe

Day 91: 

Friday breakfast surprise! 

Day 92: 

Night-before-triathlon-prep. This picture brought to you by someone who forgot to take it until 10:30 at night. 

Day 93: 


Day 94: 

Working on some landscape/perspective stuff. Love these kiddos and their imaginations on a hot day. 

6 more days to go! Planning to try to finish this thing strong! 

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