Spring/Summer Reading list

Well, I got waaay behind on posting what I’ve been reading, but I did do quite a bit of reading this summer and spring. Not as much as I wanted to, but I always have a long to-read list. 🙂

Little Women– This was a great re-read. It had been a long time, and I had forgotten how much I love this book. 

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption– This was SO not a book that I would normally read, but someone suggested it, and I am SO glad I took their suggestion. This is a memoir/biography of sort of a lawyer that serves death row inmates in the Deep South. So very eye-opening, so well written. I really loved this book. 

Protecting Caroline  by Susan Stoker- Good fluff read, especially if you like a good mystery. Kind of reminded me of a Dee Henderson book. 

– In Between  by Jenny B. Jones- Another good fluff read. 

 Attachments  and Carry On  by Rainbow Rowell- One of my favorite fluff authors- loved both of these! 

Skinny Me  by Charlene Carr- A more serious “fluff” read- made me look with a different perspective about those who struggle with weight loss. 

Saint Therese Liseiers  by Wyatt North-  A biography of a Catholic saint. This was really informational, since I don’t know a lot about the Catholic faith. I enjoyed this. I am trying to read more biographies this year. 

 The Fortune Hunter  by Daisy Goodwin- Another good fluff read, especially if you like historical fiction. 

The 5th Wave-  A sci-fi young adult novel. I enjoyed it. I *think* I had read it before, because it seemed vaguely familiar. Can’t remember for sure, though. 

 See Me  by Nicholas Sparks- I’ve always liked Nicholas Sparks, but his last few novels have all seemed kind of similar to me. This one was pretty different, though, and I enjoyed it. 

– A couple of cross- country coaching books that I can’t remember the titles to right now. Very informational and helpful for my coaching skills. 

I think there were probably some more books….these are just the ones I read on my Kindle. It was a good summer of reading. Fall is generally not a big reading season for me, just because we are more busy, but I look forward to the slower winter months. 🙂

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