100 days project

Since school started, keeping up with my 100 days project has been a little more challenging- but I’ve done it! (Even if some of these photos are, well, not stellar). 🙂

Day 73: 

This is what the weekend before school starts back looks like for a teacher. 

Day 74: 

Playing with the panoramic tool on my camera-my classroom! 

Day 75: 

Night before school starts! 

Day 76: 

The buddy’s first day of school! 

And after this, school has officially started, so some of my photos are a bit unorthodox, because I only remembered to take them right before bedtime :P. 

Day 77: 


Day 78: 

Jack’s first chapel day

Day 79: 

I am always trying to get a good picture of Bert, and she is ALWAYS moving right when I click. This was one of my best attempts, though, even though it is not perfect. Animals are just HARD to take pictures of! 

Day 80: 

Our moon flowers started blooming! 

Day 81: 

I’ve trained my children well to lay out their shoes by the door. 🙂 Train them early. Like when they’re babies. No joke. 

Day 82: 

This photo is brought to you by someone who forgot until bedtime. 🙂 Bedtime, morning alarm set. 

Day 83: 

A girl and her cat. 

Day 84: 

My gorgeous husband. Playing with black and white. 

Day 85: 

This girl. Playing with black and white and some different camera settings. 

Day 86: 

It’s this beautiful girl’s sweet 16! I can’t believe she’s this old!! 

2 more weeks to go!! 

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