First day!

We all had a great first day of school around here! Josie’s first day of THIRD grade (I’m still not believing she is that big), and Jack’s first day of kindergarten! Josie said she had an awesome day, and I know she was just thrilled to be back with her friends. She is in my class this year, which is going to be a different type of experience for both of us, but I am prayerful that it will be a positive one. 

Jack had a great day, too! He was SO excited this morning, and not hesitant at all about going to class. It made my heart happy to have him at school with me. 🙂 His teachers said he did great, and I got to see him a couple of times in the hall. He fell asleep at nap time, and was still SO asleep when I went to get him. 🙂 He said his favorite part was getting to play outside (of course). He was all smiles about his day, though- so grateful and 

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