Dear Jack,

Dear Jack, 

Tomorrow is such a big day for you- you start kindergarten! It is going to be a complete change for you, since up to this point you have always been with family. But my buddy, you are ready! You are so excited and confident. You have asked millions of questions and are all smiles whenever we talk about going to school. You helped me lay out your clothes tonight and practiced rolling up your nap mat. You picked out your lunch and your snack and went to bed with only smiles on your face. I know some parents are sad when their baby starts kindergarten…but not me! I am so excited, because you coming to school just means I get to see you more! I am so eager to watch you in this new stage of life. 

Here is what I am praying for you on the eve of kindergarten…..

I pray that you not just learn well, but develop a love for learning. I pray that you stay focused and listen well to your teachers. I pray that school is not a struggle for you, but that it challenges you, and that you rise to the challenge. I pray that you make good friends and choices all throughout your school years. I pray that you will be kind and remember to treat others the way you would like to be treated. I pray that God will use you in the lives of your teachers and your peers to be a blessing to them. I pray for your teachers, that they will have patience and grace and happiness as they are teaching. I pray that God keeps you and your classmates from harm and sickness. 

Little boy, I love you, and I am so very proud of you. You are always, always going to be my little buddy. I hope you have the best first day of kindergarten ever! 



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