100 days project

So, I can’t remember which weeks these are, but here you go! 

Day 64:

Okra coming out of our ears in our garden. I really love photographing veggies from our garden- they are so full of great color and texture!

Day 65:

When you hang your watermelon on a trellis, you have to “hammock” the melons. 

Day 66: 

This boy begs to play on his Daddy’s iPad…so he gets a limited amount of time daily. 🙂 And, he is a pillow HOG. 

Day 67:

Love fresh flowers from our garden. 

Day 68:

Still have a lot to learn about silhouettes and taking pics at sunset. 

Day 69:

This photo of the day is brought to you by someone who didn’t take it until 11:00 at night. New shoes for the win! 

Day 70: 

Jack’s first soccer practice of the season. He was SO excited! 

Day 71: 

My favorite boys, watching the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremonies together. 

Day 72: 

The beautiful creek I got to have a photo shoot at today. Wish I could have gotten down in the creek for a better perspective. 

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