100 days project

Just a few more days left! Here is the past week…and why, yes, some of these were taken at 9:00 at night (or later)…..this project was definitely easier in the summertime! 

Day 87: 

Sleeping boy-working on low lighting

Day 88: 

My favorite smiley girl-working on perspective

Day 89: 

Working on some food-picture editing tricks

Day 90: 

Sweet Abe

Day 91: 

Friday breakfast surprise! 

Day 92: 

Night-before-triathlon-prep. This picture brought to you by someone who forgot to take it until 10:30 at night. 

Day 93: 


Day 94: 

Working on some landscape/perspective stuff. Love these kiddos and their imaginations on a hot day. 

6 more days to go! Planning to try to finish this thing strong! 

What do you do when it’s the night before your first triathlon and you go the barn to load your bike, only to discover that somehow your tire has totally busted just while sitting in the barn for a few days? You are eternally grateful that God has blessed you with such an awesome, caring, and resourceful husband, who takes the seat, handgrips, and water holder off your bike, and puts them on his bike and adjusts them just right so you still have an awesome bike to ride the next day. #myhusbandisthebestone

Spring/Summer Reading list

Well, I got waaay behind on posting what I’ve been reading, but I did do quite a bit of reading this summer and spring. Not as much as I wanted to, but I always have a long to-read list. 🙂

Little Women– This was a great re-read. It had been a long time, and I had forgotten how much I love this book. 

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption– This was SO not a book that I would normally read, but someone suggested it, and I am SO glad I took their suggestion. This is a memoir/biography of sort of a lawyer that serves death row inmates in the Deep South. So very eye-opening, so well written. I really loved this book. 

Protecting Caroline  by Susan Stoker- Good fluff read, especially if you like a good mystery. Kind of reminded me of a Dee Henderson book. 

– In Between  by Jenny B. Jones- Another good fluff read. 

 Attachments  and Carry On  by Rainbow Rowell- One of my favorite fluff authors- loved both of these! 

Skinny Me  by Charlene Carr- A more serious “fluff” read- made me look with a different perspective about those who struggle with weight loss. 

Saint Therese Liseiers  by Wyatt North-  A biography of a Catholic saint. This was really informational, since I don’t know a lot about the Catholic faith. I enjoyed this. I am trying to read more biographies this year. 

 The Fortune Hunter  by Daisy Goodwin- Another good fluff read, especially if you like historical fiction. 

The 5th Wave-  A sci-fi young adult novel. I enjoyed it. I *think* I had read it before, because it seemed vaguely familiar. Can’t remember for sure, though. 

 See Me  by Nicholas Sparks- I’ve always liked Nicholas Sparks, but his last few novels have all seemed kind of similar to me. This one was pretty different, though, and I enjoyed it. 

– A couple of cross- country coaching books that I can’t remember the titles to right now. Very informational and helpful for my coaching skills. 

I think there were probably some more books….these are just the ones I read on my Kindle. It was a good summer of reading. Fall is generally not a big reading season for me, just because we are more busy, but I look forward to the slower winter months. 🙂

100 days project

Since school started, keeping up with my 100 days project has been a little more challenging- but I’ve done it! (Even if some of these photos are, well, not stellar). 🙂

Day 73: 

This is what the weekend before school starts back looks like for a teacher. 

Day 74: 

Playing with the panoramic tool on my camera-my classroom! 

Day 75: 

Night before school starts! 

Day 76: 

The buddy’s first day of school! 

And after this, school has officially started, so some of my photos are a bit unorthodox, because I only remembered to take them right before bedtime :P. 

Day 77: 


Day 78: 

Jack’s first chapel day

Day 79: 

I am always trying to get a good picture of Bert, and she is ALWAYS moving right when I click. This was one of my best attempts, though, even though it is not perfect. Animals are just HARD to take pictures of! 

Day 80: 

Our moon flowers started blooming! 

Day 81: 

I’ve trained my children well to lay out their shoes by the door. 🙂 Train them early. Like when they’re babies. No joke. 

Day 82: 

This photo is brought to you by someone who forgot until bedtime. 🙂 Bedtime, morning alarm set. 

Day 83: 

A girl and her cat. 

Day 84: 

My gorgeous husband. Playing with black and white. 

Day 85: 

This girl. Playing with black and white and some different camera settings. 

Day 86: 

It’s this beautiful girl’s sweet 16! I can’t believe she’s this old!! 

2 more weeks to go!!