100 Days project- Weeks 8 and 9

100 days project is still going strong. More than halfway there!

Some of these pictures are repeats from the vacation post. 🙂

Day 49: 


Love these two so much. 

Day 51: 

Animals are hard, because they are never completely still. Getting better, but could have focused a little differently. 

Day 52: 

Getting better at movement shots! Love that I can see some of the individual drops of water. 

Day 53: 

Day 54: 

Love the motion in this pic. And, still trying some different perspectives. 

Day 55:

Again, working on different perspectives. Needed a little better focus in this one. 

Day 56: 

Gotta have a sunset picture at the lake! Love the colors. 

Day 57: 

This makes me want a new lens that I can get closer with. 🙂

Day 58: 

Day 59: 

Nothing like seeing your own bed when you’ve been away. Working on different perspectives still. 

Day 60: 

Day 61:

I love all the colors in this picture, and all the sweet smiles. 

Day 62: 

I had a really hard time choosing just ONE picture for this day, because I took Jo’s 8 year old pics, and ended up with so many that I loved. 

Day 63: 

Again, working on different perspectives. 

Only 37 days left!

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