Dale Hollow Trip

We just returned yesterday from a glorious 2 week vacation to our home away from home, Dale Hollow Lake. It was a great trip, full of swimming, relaxing, reading, biking, walking, ice-cream, riding in the boat, kayaking, and movie-watching. Almost the whole family was there at various points of the trip (Justin didn’t get to come up this time, though). I couldn’t possibly tell everything we did, so I will just give some highlights and photo bomb. 🙂

Some highlights: 

-Josie got up on skis! She wasn’t the biggest fan, but she can officially say she has skied. 

-Jake and I took a long kayaking trip one morning to Holly Creek and back. It was great. We still have a goal some day to kayak from Sunset Dock to the Dam. 

– Jack rode a million miles on his bike. 

– Wyatt and Katie Ann spent the night in our camper one night- they all had such a blast! 

– Our sweet friends from church got to come up for a couple of days, and stayed the night in our camper. We were so glad they got to come! It’s always fun to share your favorite place with your friends. 

And now for the photo bomb….

Eating at Taco Bell on the way up…

First glimpse of the water after getting there….

Jack rode his bike a million miles…and always like a crazy person.

Hanging out with Everett in our camper

Everett with his Ta

Lots of playground playing….

Our crazy kids who love to match whenever they can…

Jack loved playing with his new “ahmote ah-troll” (remote controlled) boat that Casey got him for his birthday! 

Love these two. 🙂

The girl skied!!!

Sweet Everett with his Mama

Jack loves helping Jake drive the boat

These kids were kayaking machines! Josie figured out how to use hers as a paddle board, and that is mainly the only way she used it after that. 🙂 She is definitely  a girl after my own heart. 

Getting ice cream at the dock with Grammy and Pappy….because why not? 🙂

I thought this picture was cool- walking back from the dock after getting ice cream- Pappy, Jack, Josie, Grammy, me, and Jake. 🙂

Making card houses with the cousins

Having lots of fun with our sweet friends from church! 

We took them to see the waterfall at Sulfur Creek….

The kids were always WORN out by the end of the day…I loved this picture- Jack fell asleep “reading” one night, with the book fully propped up. 

One day we all rode to East Port to get lunch (and ice-cream, of course)….

Feeding pizza to the fish….

Happy Birthday Alec- he turned 14!

Sleepover at our camper! 🙂

That smile….

One day Jake and I took the kids over to this rock island that my mom and dad used to take us to so that they could jump off. They LOVED it! We even went back another day. 

These kids were jumping machines this year. I couldn’t keep sunscreen on their faces, because they were always under the water! 

This was Jack’s version of a dive. 🙂

Mr. Rick and Ricky were there, and brought their instruments, so one night we went over so Jake could play with them. I loved it! I remember doing this so many nights when I was growing up. 

We spent lots of time on “Coon Island” ….

Beau is one smiley kid 🙂

These kayaks got LOTS of use!

With that smile again…

Sleepy Kinley…

Beth is ALWAYS in a mask…

Josie loves her Grammy…

We went to Sunset one night for dinner…

This was a HARD sought after picture. This was probably the best one out of about 20 :). It is no easy time getting a picture of 5 kids, 3 of whom are under the age of 3. 

Isn’t my Nana beautiful?

Sunset at Sunset….

Chad brought his tube out one day. He and Kinley rode….

And then the munchkins rode with Shshr….

They got brave! 

On our last day we went back to the waterfall with the family….

This was such a wonderful trip. We are so blessed to be able to get to do something like this every year. I hope my kids grow up having as good of memories as I do of going to the lake every year. 

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