100 Days Project- Weeks 6 & 7

My 100 days project is still going strong, even if I have been slow to post about it these last two weeks! 

Day 36: 

Cool bird at the zoo

Day 37:

It’s the time of year to shuck corn! 

Day 38:

Fireworks over the lake! I’m really learning my camera more, because previously I didn’t know how to make shots like these turn out well. 

Day 39:

Two cuties at the Fourth of July parade

Day 40: 

Working on some different angles, different areas of focus. 

Day 41: 

Cucumbers coming out our ears…

Day 42:

Blackberries coming out our ears, too. Playing with black and white. 

Day 43:

Fun times with friends…love the capitol building in the background. 

Day 44: 

One of my favorite shots from a photo shoot I had that day…..I forgot to get my camera out at home after the photo shoot! 

Day 45: 

More corn- leftovers from getting it ready to freeze…I love this bucket in photos. 

Day 46:

My Jack-man riding his bike-working on different perspectives again…this time my camera is completely on the ground as he rides toward me. 

Day 47: 

My beautiful girl who is in that awkward stage of life….

Day 48: 

My cousin with his look-alike little boy. 🙂

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