100 days project- Week 4

I am posting this a few days late, because Thursday I was out of town for a work conference (more about that later). Anyways, here is the pictures for week 4 of my 100 days project: 

Day 22: 

Kiddos at the Sounds game- working on my low light shots.

Day 23:

Kids playing at Jo’s birthday- working on my action shots. I like the movement in this one. 

Day 24: 

My brother shooting-I really loved how the light was filtering through the trees in this one. 

Day 25: 

Playing with some natural lighting in my house. 

Day 26: 

Loved the way these water droplets stayed on this flower after the storm. 

Day 27:

This was the hotel we had to walk through to get to our conference…it was MASSIVE, and the way the lobby was designed let you look up to the very top floor. This picture doesn’t do justice to the hugeness of this place. 

Day 28:

We saw the Gettys in concert while we were at the conference. They are amazing. 

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