The girl’s birthday adventure

I think the girl had a fantastic 8th birthday. She was SO pumped it was her birthday today! I will tell about her day in pictures, I think…

The birthday child in our family always 

I hang up the exact same birthday banner of her birthday every year. It’s tradition.

We always have a (very) small present for them to open from their sibling. Jack got her a new blanket, and this time her Daddy picked her out a cool shirt, too. 

She was VERY concerned about her exact time of birth this year…So here she is, right before swim lessons, at 9:49 exactly- 8 years old! 

She was about to die from suspense to know where we were going to take her on her annual birthday date. We kept a surprise, not because it was a big deal, but just because it always makes it more fun! This year, we decided to take her to Bicentennial Mall to explore the park and play in the fountains. Josie LOVES an adventure, and she loves being in the city, so this was a win/win. She loved every minute! 

The LOVED the big state! 

Jack walked all the rivers…

After awhile we got hot and hungry, so we headed to Local Taco to get the girl a taco and cheese dip.

And then we had to go to Maggie Moo’s and get ice cream, of course! 

After we ate, we headed back to the fountains, because we knew when it got dark, they do a light show! The kids were SO thrilled with the lights-they had so much fun! 

The capitol is so pretty at night…

It was such a fun, simple, sweet night. We love our family date nights for birthdays, and so do the kids. We’ve learned also it doesn’t have to be super fancy or expensive for them to have an absolute blast. I can’t believe I have an official EIGHT year old, now! Happy Birthday Josie! 

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