100 Days project-Week 3

Day 15:

Not as clear as I’d like-it was getting darker outside, so I was needing to work on my low-light issues. 

Day 16:

Sweet kiddos

Day 17:

This boy was SO proud of fixing his hair “just like Daddy’s.” He has developed a big opinion about his hair here lately. 

Day 18: 

Porch sitting in the evening. Working on some different perspectives. 

Day 19: 

Working on taking pictures in really low light- I liked how this one turned out! 

Day 20:

The beautiful sky after a big storm…I love how it reflects off the pond across the street. 

Day 21: 

This one, of course, had to be of my Josie girl, in honor of her birthday! I am finally getting better at getting crisp action shots! I love how you can see all the individual drops of water in this picture. (And, the quality on the blog is not as great…I wish you could see the picture in my photo program.)

I really am learning so much more about my camera! 

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