8 years old

Dear Josie, 

I have an EIGHT year old. That is a little hard for me to believe. Eight seems even older to me, because you are now officially the age of the kids I teach, which has always been older than you. Now, you are actually going to be IN my class! You have had a great seven-year old year. You have changed in so many ways, and stayed just the same in others….

This year you…

  • tried your hand at being an athlete, running cross country at JECA and playing a soccer in the fall. You worked hard at both, and did well, but ultimately decided that neither sport was something you were going to stick with. 
  • got to see the beach for the first time when we went to South Carolina on a road trip. You LOVED it. 
  • continued guitar, and are still doing wonderful. Mrs. Janet says you know more chords than most of her middle school students!
  • have become a READER this year. Last year you were learning to read, and now you love to read. You read for pleasure, and are always begging me to let you read in your bed before you go to sleep. 
  • did really well in school, but had trouble getting your work done in a timely fashion… you get distracted really easily, which is something we are working on. 
  • outgrew your favorite color being purple- it is aqua now. 
  • became a huge Lego fan. 
  • cut your hair really short and donated it. 
have become much braver in almost all areas of life. (Which has made our movie watching more interesting!)
  •  are contemplating baptism, and asking us lots of good questions about that. 
  •  love your brother fiercely. You are each others’ best friend, and you are so very good to him. 
  •  have become very independent
-you can shower and get ready totally on your own
; you are a big help in the kitchen-getting drinks, setting the table, etc; you pack your own lunch; you can vacuum and dust your room and make your bed all by yourself; you put up all your own laundry. You can just about do any chore we ask you to, all on your own.
  • discovered Star Wars with your Daddy and became a die-hard fan. 
  •  loved reading joke books we got you for Christmas. 
  • got your first sewing machine and did lots of sewing projects with Ta.
  • got a kayak all your own for Christmas!
  • got two new family members- Beau, and Everett, and you are SO proud of the fact that you got to meet and hold each of them on the day they were born!
  • have big plans to have a “small animal” farm when you grow up, and live in a house in the country on lots of land. 
  • still love to be outside, still love to create and do any kind of art projects, still love to play make believe of any kind. Stuffed animals are still your favorite toy, hands down. 
  • still love spaghetti, hamburgers, and tacos. If we just had those three meals on a rotating basis, you would be a happy camper. 

Sweet girl, we love you so much. You changed our lives for the good when you were born, and I can’t imagine life without you! You have the uncanny ability to make everyone around you smile, and we have been told hundreds of times how pleasant and sweet you are. You are the light of our lives! Happy Birthday!



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