100 Days project- Week 2

(So for some reason, these photos are not showing up as clear and crisp here on the blog as they actually are in my photo program….dunno why, just a warning.)

Day 8:

Beautiful purple cone flower in our garden-I’m a bit obsessed. Working on my focusing here. 

Day 9: 

Blackberries in our garden-again, working on my focusing. 

Day 10: 

Cute kid on a go-kart. Working on my movement shots (he was actually moving…now to figure out a better angle to show the movement). 

Day 11: 

Another one of the boy….again, working on my movement, and he is an easy target, because he is ALWAYS on the move. 

Day 12: 

The girl loves to help paint. Again, working on my movement/action shots. 

Day 13: 

The boy got in a lot of shots this week! But, again, ALWAYS moving, and that’s what I was trying to focus on in the second half of this week. I like the way the water turned out here. 

Day 14: 

My precious nephew. I took his 6 month shots today. How can you resist those big beautiful brown eyes?

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