Memorial Day trip

We kicked off our summer strong with our annual Memorial Day trip to Dale Hollow Dam. We left last Wednesday and came back today. It was a wonderful trip. We went with Nana, Grammy and Pappy, and Ta and Tommy. Mama Judy came and stayed with us for a couple of nights (so glad we can invite people to stay with us now that we have our new camper!)  Casey and her boys came up for one night, and Josh and Jackie and Everett even got to come up for a couple of nights! 

The weather was great, and we filled our days with relaxing, reading, doing a whole lot of nothing, hammock swinging, bike riding, fishing, kayaking, and just hanging out. It’s always more fun to tell a story with pictures, so here goes…


The kiddos started their trip off with their traditional game of Go Fish with Tommy. 🙂

I love campfires, and Tommy always has a great one going.

The first full day we were there we took our kayaks down to the river, since they weren’t generating, and Josie got to try out her kayak on a river for the first time! She did a great job. 🙂

Jack likes taking selfies. 🙂

Nothing better than reading outside….Jake and I spent a LOT of time in those chairs this week, doing exactly that. 

There is a paved bike/walking trail to walk on…but what fun would that be? 🙂

Nothing like trucks and dirt. 

Isn’t this one cute?

No trip to Dale Hollow Dam is complete without a trip to the fish hatchery (at least that’s what the kids think). 

Beau’s first visit to the hatchery! 

Everett’s first camping trip! 

Both of our kids climbed up and down these poles a million times. Josie actually has a TON of upper body strength- she can climb any pole or rope you put in front of her! 

Jack got to hold Everett for the first time, and he was over the moon! He LOVES babies. 

One day Jake and I kayaked the whole Obey River. (About 6 miles or so) We did it once before, when we first got our kayaks (THIRTEEN years ago… we are old).  We are much better kayakers now, though- it only took us a couple of hours. 

While we were kayaking, the kids went fishing on the river with Grammy and Pappy, and then they picked us up at the end. 🙂

I think Josie looks a bit like her Grammy. 🙂

Josie doing some of her summer reading- she finished one book while we were there, and started on her second! Our goal is for her to be finished before we go on our big vacation. 🙂

We all spent LOTS  of time in this hammock this weekend. It’s one of the kids’ favorite play toys! 

Jack played with this inch worm for forever-he thought it was fascinating. 

Daddy caught two of the biggest trout he’s ever caught! 

And Tommy and Jake didn’t do so bad, either-they had a good trip! (And Jack is TOTALLY  a photo bomber.)

On Tuesday, after all the crazy people went home from their Memorial Day weekend festivities, we went to the lake. We didn’t take our boat this time, so we rode with Ta and Tommy. 

My beautiful Nana….no wonder people are all the time mistaking her for my mom! 

The kids stayed in the water the  whole time. I got in for a minute, but it was pretty chilly! 

We ate pizza at Willow Grove boat dock for dinner, and of course the kids needed ice cream. 

Jack did “tricks” in the hammock…this is his “bat” trick.

The kids wanted to throw water balloons at each other…and of course Jake got in on the action, too. 

I love this gorgeous guy. 🙂

We took the kids fishing at the creek yesterday. They didn’t catch anything, but they still had lots of fun. Jack loves to cast, and he is getting pretty good! 

One last picture before heading home….

Something I didn’t take a picture of was the kids riding bikes. I think they rode a hundred miles on their bikes this weekend! Jack did great on his new big boy bike, and they both started doing “tricks.” They also saw some big boys put water bottles in their bike spokes to make them sound like motorcycles, so of course they had to try it, too…(I’m sure our neighbors just loved us). 

Jake and I did lots of running. He even pushed me to run a 8:30 mile! That is FAST for me. I love to run, but I don’t generally go very fast. I am running 100 minutes a week this summer, because that is what I am requiring of my high school cross country runners-my policy is if I am making them do it, I should be too.

It was a great trip and none of us were ready for it to end, but it is also good to be home. Our garden grew a TON while we were gone! We have flowers galore, squash ready to be picked, watermelon vines to be run, and ton of weeding to be done. So can you guess what is on my to-do list for tomorrow? 🙂

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