100 Days project

I decided that one of my goals this summer was to learn more about my big camera, and improve my skills and techniques. The best way to do that is, gasp, use it, so I set a goal for myself to use it every day. Then I decided to turn this little project into a 100 days project. Which means that I will take at least one picture with my big camera every day for 100 days. I thought it would be fun to post them here. I started when we were on our trip, so some of these are repeats from my trip post. I am already SO grateful that I started this project, because a lot of trips I take my big camera, and then never even get it out because my phone is more convenient. And then I miss a lot of great shots or get just ho-hum shots with my phone. I LOVE how a lot of my pictures turned out this trip, and that is mainly because I used my good camera. 

So, my first week of my 100 days project: 

Day 1:

 I’ve been trying to work on varying the angles at which I take pictures. I thought this one turned out pretty good. (Those are sausage balls he is eating, by the way-nothing like eating outside when you’re camping.)

Day 2: 

 I’ve been working to improve my motion shots, and I was really glad I was able to capture the individual grains of food he was throwing. 

Day 3: 

 I wish her face was a little more in focus here. Sometimes I get in too much of a hurry, or don’t pay attention enough to what the camera is focusing on. Here, it focused on the front of the book. 

Day 4: 

 Jack was enamored by this inch worm. I’ve been working on focusing on tiny things….I like how this one turned out, but it could have been better. 

Day 5:

  Again, working on my focusing. This one turned out okay, but again, could have been better. I almost forgot to take a picture this day, so I was doing it after dark, in the camper lighting, which wasn’t ideal. I still like this one, though. Jake’s eyes are my favorite. 🙂

Day 6: 

 I love this gorgeous guy-isn’t he gorgeous? He just gets more handsome the older he gets. Here I was working on my black and white editing. 

Day 7: 

This was the ONLY picture I took with my big camera today, since we were busy packing/unpacking. But I love this one of my sweet girl. 

One week down! Hopefully I can keep it up. 🙂

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