ACCS conference

This past week I was out of town attending the ACCS conference (Association of Classical Christian Schools) with some other teachers from JECA. This year the conference was in Atlanta. We left Wednesday and got back Saturday evening. It was a great conference, just like last time- I learned a lot, and the best thing about these conferences is that I’m not only learning stuff to help me become a better teacher, but the whole conference is definitely a worship experience, too. It is always fun to get to know my fellow teachers a little better, and we had a lot of laughs and shared some good food. 🙂 I missed Jake and the kiddos, and were SO glad to see them on Saturday when they picked me up. 

100 days project- Week 4

I am posting this a few days late, because Thursday I was out of town for a work conference (more about that later). Anyways, here is the pictures for week 4 of my 100 days project: 

Day 22: 

Kiddos at the Sounds game- working on my low light shots.

Day 23:

Kids playing at Jo’s birthday- working on my action shots. I like the movement in this one. 

Day 24: 

My brother shooting-I really loved how the light was filtering through the trees in this one. 

Day 25: 

Playing with some natural lighting in my house. 

Day 26: 

Loved the way these water droplets stayed on this flower after the storm. 

Day 27:

This was the hotel we had to walk through to get to our conference…it was MASSIVE, and the way the lobby was designed let you look up to the very top floor. This picture doesn’t do justice to the hugeness of this place. 

Day 28:

We saw the Gettys in concert while we were at the conference. They are amazing. 

The kiddos finished up two weeks of swim lessons today. They both did SO good this year. Josie is an official swimmer now-she’s like a fish. Jack can swim underwater all by himself, he’s just not quite strong enough to do it on top of the water yet. I was so proud of both them, and we are so blessed to have Mrs. Pam as such an excellent teacher!

Father’s Day

I am so blessed to have so many amazing guys in my life. My dad has always been the best dad- I can never remember a time in my life, even in my teenage years, when I didn’t have the upmost respect and love for him. He has been an inspiration in my life, and taught me so much about hard work and how to treat others and love them like Jesus does. And now, I am getting to have the wonderful experience of having a great husband who is an awesome daddy to our children. He is so good with them, always putting aside his work to play with them, teaching them to have an awesome sense of humor, and really respecting who they are. He is gentle, loving, and kind, but also firm and is great at discipline. He is the one person that Josie really opens up to the most- she loves her Daddy the most, which I absolutely love. 

Sunday morning we started off the day by showering Jake with presents in  bed. After church we headed to Mom and Dad’s to spend the day with them and Chad and Casey and their families. I was so glad to get to hang out with both my brother and sister for awhile- it rarely happens that we all get to come at once, so it was a good thing. 

It was hot and pretty outside, so we got out the water stuff for the kids to play with. 

Chad took everybody for rides on his Razor. The kids love going with him! He even convinced me to go….I only squealed and closed my eyes a few times, lol.

The guys brought their guns so they could target shoot on the rifle range. Jake hadn’t gotten to shoot for awhile, so he had fun. The kids love hanging out on the rifle range and collecting the empty shells. 🙂

I meant to get a picture with my Daddy, and totally forgot- I have got to start doing that- I don’t have enough pictures with him! 

Sunday evening we went to Mama Judy’s for dinner, and got to see Shirley. It was a good dinner, and so good to see her! It was  great family filled day-those are always the best kind. 

Josie’s birthday….again

On Saturday Josie had friends over for a birthday playdate. When it was all said and done, siblings from two families came. Josie and Jack were both so excited they had friends coming for the day! We keep our birthday playdates low key…pizza for lunch, decorating cupcakes, and lots of playtime. That’s the best kind of playdate! Josie had a wonderful time, and it was the perfect mix of kids. I loved overhearing their make-believe play-it reminded me of me at that age! 

Happy Birthday Jo! 

I love all these sweet kiddos! 

Sounds Game

Friday night my sister-in-law was able to get us all free tickets to go to a Sounds game! We all went with she and Kinley and Casey and Kyle and their kids. It was a beautiful night for a game- not too hot and sunny. We had good seats that were mostly in the shade. Casey made all the kids precious matching t-shirts. I would have loved to get a picture of them all together in them, but that would have raised our circumstances to a whole new level of crazy!  It ended up being a long game- 10 innings. The kids crawled all over all of us, and got a little restless, but for the most part did really well! Jack was determined to make it to the end of the game, though, so he could see the fireworks! Josie wasn’t so sure, because she has been pretty skittish of fireworks the past few years. Long story short, we made it to the end, and the look on Jack’s face during the fireworks made the long wait very worth it! He loved them! (And Josie loved them, too.) 🙂 It was a fun night with my family! 🙂

The new stadium is really nice!

These boys love to play with each other so much!

Casey did such an awesome job on their shirts!

There was a big blow up slide, so of course the kids had to do it. 🙂 Jack loved it…Josie claimed she did, too, but her face said otherwise. 🙂

The fireworks were awesome! 

Jack was so amazed! 

The face that made it all worth it 🙂