Last days

So this happened today: 

Not quite sure how I feel about all this. I have dropped a kid (or two) off at Nana’s before school almost every Tuesday-Friday for seven years now. This was my last day to do it. We will miss seeing our Nana every day!! Of course, we will drop by and visit often, but it won’t be quite the same. We love our Nana, and I am SO glad that my kids got the unique experience to be so close to their great-grandmother. I wouldn’t change that for the world. I love you Nana!!

And, just because I love a good comparison picture: 

Look how much this sweet girl has changed this year! She hasn’t really gotten much taller, but look-she has teeth! And her hair got shorter. And her face isn’t quite so round (or red). She is just looking so much older these days. Kind of in disbelief that I will have  a third grader next year. That always has seemed so old to me, since that is the grade I teach. And it is the year that I have LOTS of memories from. Here goes an exciting new stage of life! 🙂

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