Dear Mom

You know, I have never appreciated you as much as I do, now, that I am deep into motherhood myself. How you have always put us first instead of yourself. How you always let us have the last roll, or the last piece of pie, or the last slice of pizza. How you were a taxi service for so many years. How you never bought new clothes for yourself, but we were always dressed to the nines. How you stayed up late to do laundry and iron our clothes and pack lunches and make sure the house was clean. How you always let us have friends over to destroy that clean house. How you were so diligent about us minding our manners and saying yes mam and no mam. How you worked out a system so we wouldn’t argue over the front seat….and didn’t kill us when we argued anyways. How you always slathered us with sunscreen so we didn’t die from sun poisoning. How you always kept me supplied with Babysitters Club books, even when I would finish them before we got home. How you taught us to always stand up for your family. How you taught us to always work hard at whatever we were doing. How you taught us how to dust the right way. How you were always showing us how to put others first and go out of your way to care for those who need it. How acts of service are a way to show love. How sometimes you let us get hurt and figure out problems ourselves, because you knew that’s the only way we’d learn.

There are so, so many more things, too-but just know that I love you, and I wouldn’t be the mom am today without you being the mom you are to me.

Love you,

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