Conversations with Jack

Jack, after wrecking his bike for the millionth time in a day:

“You just have to be comfortable with all kinds of wrecks. Which I am. You just have to be prepared for them.”

And shrugs his shoulders.

Jack, after being around his Pappy and Uncle Tommy too long:

DAD gummit is a bad word, but DOG gummit is not a bad word.

Last days

So this happened today: 

Not quite sure how I feel about all this. I have dropped a kid (or two) off at Nana’s before school almost every Tuesday-Friday for seven years now. This was my last day to do it. We will miss seeing our Nana every day!! Of course, we will drop by and visit often, but it won’t be quite the same. We love our Nana, and I am SO glad that my kids got the unique experience to be so close to their great-grandmother. I wouldn’t change that for the world. I love you Nana!!

And, just because I love a good comparison picture: 

Look how much this sweet girl has changed this year! She hasn’t really gotten much taller, but look-she has teeth! And her hair got shorter. And her face isn’t quite so round (or red). She is just looking so much older these days. Kind of in disbelief that I will have  a third grader next year. That always has seemed so old to me, since that is the grade I teach. And it is the year that I have LOTS of memories from. Here goes an exciting new stage of life! 🙂

Weekending Anniversary Style

This was a good weekend. We got a ton of stuff done around the house. I love working in our yard with Jake and the kids. 

Jake and I had a little stay-cation for our anniversary this weekend. Nana was sweet to let the kiddos spend the night on Saturday, and she and Shshr spoiled them completely rotten, of course. 

Saturday night Jake and I went to try a new sushi restaurant in Rivergate. It was SOOO good. Sushi is our favorite special-date food. Then we went shopping and wandered around stores, something we haven’t gotten to do in forever. We got ice cream at Sweet Ce-Ce’s, and then went home to watch a movie and eat popcorn. It was a good night, and great to hang out with my best friend. 

Sunday morning we slept late and then went to Nashville to try a brunch restaurant- Garden Brunch Cafe on Jefferson St. We had to wait an hour, but it was TOTALLY worth it. It was one of the BEST breakfasts we have ever had! The fruit tea was delicious, and we split the banana foster pancakes-they were absolutely divine. 🙂

It was a great weekend, and Jake and I have now been married 12 years officially! I kind of can’t believe it has been that long! Time flies…