This weekend we went on our annual spring camping trip. And it has been a busy week, so I’m just now getting around to posting about it. 🙂 We had a great time! It was great to see some people we don’t get to see very often, plus 2 families from our church came, which was so great! Jake and I are trying to start a church camping group like my parents did when I was little. I want my kiddos to be able to have that same experience, because those are some of my best memories! And our kids were SO excited to play with their church friends. The weather was absolutely perfect-the kids even played in the water Saturday! I did not think the water was warm enough for that, but kids just don’t feel cold like adults :). Josie got to try her new kayak, and she loved it. Jake went fishing with Daddy, and they caught some huge fish. I did lots of hanging out and talking….and ended up with 16 seed ticks somehow! Jake or the kids didn’t get any, so I must have walked through a nest or something. We did lots of bike riding, and we had a great time hanging around the fire at night with our friends, roasting s’mores and talking while the kids played hide and seek and Star Wars.

I am SO glad it is camping season again! Here are some pics from our trip, straight out of the camera. I only used my phone, but my sweet friend took some awesome pics with her big camera and shared, so all the good ones are by her! 🙂

Jack was really excited about fishing this time, and Alec was so sweet to help him. 

Josie loved her new kayak! 

Jack even squeezed in some fishing time with Mr. Claude! 

Beau had his first boat ride.

Katie Ann caught 5 fish! 

These are ALL some Lego loving kids!

Jack loved the water! (But his lips were turning purple, lol).

I love these sweet ladies!

Hammocks are the best….until you fall out of them and get a goose egg on your head. 

Glow sticks = light sabers, every time. 

Sweet kiddos by the fire.

Her first time out! 

All the kayaks!

The sand is always a hit at Defeated Creek!

Lane loves his bike!

We took this picture, and we ALMOST look like sisters! LOL- nobody can even tell we are related usually, much less sisters! 

All the kiddos couldn’t wait to see Daddy and Jake’s big fish! 

Pappy and the grand babies

S’more time! 

Josie caught 2!

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