It’s finally that time of the year again, and we couldn’t be happier. We normally don’t go camping this early in April, but we got a new camper this winter, and we have been itching to try it out. We couldn’t go for long-Jake had a soccer game Friday night-but we left early Saturday morning for Dale Hollow Dam and spent all of yesterday, spent the night, and spent most of the day there today. It was a COLD trip, but the sun was shining and we had a blast. We were all just happy to be camping, and our new camper was great! Just what we wanted, and everything did wonderful. It was nice, too, to take a short trip, just the four of us. We love camping with everyone, but sometimes its nice to be just us, too. 

Jack LOVES to photobomb pictures. 

The river was so pretty….

And Josie found this field of flowers that she just HAD to have a picture in. 

Jack would throw rocks into the water for hours on end if we’d let him. 

I made the kids do what my Pop always made us do- gather pinecones and pine needles to start a fire. We didn’t bring any firewood, but we wanted s’mores, and there was plenty of sticks and logs to be found in the woods, so we gathered some up and had a great fire. 🙂

In my happy place! I love to sit next to a fire…..

We even made it to the fish hatchery this morning, because our kids think that no trip to Dale Hollow Dam is complete without visiting the fish hatchery. 🙂

It was a short trip, but such a good one! We did lots of movie watching, reading, riding bikes, and I even got a nap yesterday. Just what we needed!

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