Spring break, Day 5

Yesterday was a good last day of Spring break. We slept late, then I went outside and finished all my pressure washing. I have now pressure washed everything I can think to do outside our house :). After that I went to Nana’s to get Josie and pressure washed all her sidewalks and her camper. They had gotten so slick, and I did not want her falling!

After that the kids I went down to Grammy and Pappy’s to take the pressure washer back and hang out since Jake had a soccer game. It was so good to just to hang out down there for awhile, and Jake met us once his game was over.

Today I was going to paint my nicely cleaned fence, but I just went outside, and the sun is deceiving! It is cold, and the wind is blowing HARD. So I think this is going to be a laundry/cleaning house day, get it disinfected now that Jake is finally feeling better, and back in order before I go back to school :).

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