What I’ve been reading…

Surprisingly enough, all non fiction this time- 

I generally like Jen Hatmaker- occasionally she’ll say something I don’t quite agree with or understand, but for the most part, I really like her books. 

I really, really, enjoyed this book. It tells about the ministry and crucifixion of Jesus through purely historical viewpoint. It was SO interesting to me right now, because it was exactly the history I have been teaching my third and fourth graders, so I really knew what it was talking about. He also has some others- Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, that I think I would like to read. 

Been working on this one for awhile. Now that I’ve been coaching cross country for a couple of years, I thought I needed to learn more about HOW to coach. I have basically been winging it, which is not all bad, but I think my runners deserve more than that. Some of this book was too technical for what I need, but some parts were really beneficial. Here’s to putting a plan into action!

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