A new cousin!

Another exciting thing happened last week….I got a new cousin! Josh and Jackie had their sweet baby, and the kids and I went with Nana to the hospital to meet him. He is absolutely perfect, and Josie was SOO excited to get to hold him- she kept saying “He is just SO precious!!” 

I am so happy for them! 

I went over earlier this week to take his newborn photos, and Jackie got a shot of me in action…I thought that was sweet of her..I don’t have many pictures of me taking pictures! 

Anyways, I thought this was neat….

The During:

And the After!:

Isn’t he adorable?


This weekend we went on our annual spring camping trip. And it has been a busy week, so I’m just now getting around to posting about it. 🙂 We had a great time! It was great to see some people we don’t get to see very often, plus 2 families from our church came, which was so great! Jake and I are trying to start a church camping group like my parents did when I was little. I want my kiddos to be able to have that same experience, because those are some of my best memories! And our kids were SO excited to play with their church friends. The weather was absolutely perfect-the kids even played in the water Saturday! I did not think the water was warm enough for that, but kids just don’t feel cold like adults :). Josie got to try her new kayak, and she loved it. Jake went fishing with Daddy, and they caught some huge fish. I did lots of hanging out and talking….and ended up with 16 seed ticks somehow! Jake or the kids didn’t get any, so I must have walked through a nest or something. We did lots of bike riding, and we had a great time hanging around the fire at night with our friends, roasting s’mores and talking while the kids played hide and seek and Star Wars.

I am SO glad it is camping season again! Here are some pics from our trip, straight out of the camera. I only used my phone, but my sweet friend took some awesome pics with her big camera and shared, so all the good ones are by her! 🙂

Jack was really excited about fishing this time, and Alec was so sweet to help him. 

Josie loved her new kayak! 

Jack even squeezed in some fishing time with Mr. Claude! 

Beau had his first boat ride.

Katie Ann caught 5 fish! 

These are ALL some Lego loving kids!

Jack loved the water! (But his lips were turning purple, lol).

I love these sweet ladies!

Hammocks are the best….until you fall out of them and get a goose egg on your head. 

Glow sticks = light sabers, every time. 

Sweet kiddos by the fire.

Her first time out! 

All the kayaks!

The sand is always a hit at Defeated Creek!

Lane loves his bike!

We took this picture, and we ALMOST look like sisters! LOL- nobody can even tell we are related usually, much less sisters! 

All the kiddos couldn’t wait to see Daddy and Jake’s big fish! 

Pappy and the grand babies

S’more time! 

Josie caught 2!


It’s finally that time of the year again, and we couldn’t be happier. We normally don’t go camping this early in April, but we got a new camper this winter, and we have been itching to try it out. We couldn’t go for long-Jake had a soccer game Friday night-but we left early Saturday morning for Dale Hollow Dam and spent all of yesterday, spent the night, and spent most of the day there today. It was a COLD trip, but the sun was shining and we had a blast. We were all just happy to be camping, and our new camper was great! Just what we wanted, and everything did wonderful. It was nice, too, to take a short trip, just the four of us. We love camping with everyone, but sometimes its nice to be just us, too. 

Jack LOVES to photobomb pictures. 

The river was so pretty….

And Josie found this field of flowers that she just HAD to have a picture in. 

Jack would throw rocks into the water for hours on end if we’d let him. 

I made the kids do what my Pop always made us do- gather pinecones and pine needles to start a fire. We didn’t bring any firewood, but we wanted s’mores, and there was plenty of sticks and logs to be found in the woods, so we gathered some up and had a great fire. 🙂

In my happy place! I love to sit next to a fire…..

We even made it to the fish hatchery this morning, because our kids think that no trip to Dale Hollow Dam is complete without visiting the fish hatchery. 🙂

It was a short trip, but such a good one! We did lots of movie watching, reading, riding bikes, and I even got a nap yesterday. Just what we needed!

Finally, the night the kiddos have been counting down the days for arrived-getting to watch the NEW Star Wars movie! Jake and I saw it in theaters, but thought it would be a little much for the kiddos, so they couldn’t WAIT until it was ready to buy! And they weren’t disappointed a bit :).

Spring break, Day 5

Yesterday was a good last day of Spring break. We slept late, then I went outside and finished all my pressure washing. I have now pressure washed everything I can think to do outside our house :). After that I went to Nana’s to get Josie and pressure washed all her sidewalks and her camper. They had gotten so slick, and I did not want her falling!

After that the kids I went down to Grammy and Pappy’s to take the pressure washer back and hang out since Jake had a soccer game. It was so good to just to hang out down there for awhile, and Jake met us once his game was over.

Today I was going to paint my nicely cleaned fence, but I just went outside, and the sun is deceiving! It is cold, and the wind is blowing HARD. So I think this is going to be a laundry/cleaning house day, get it disinfected now that Jake is finally feeling better, and back in order before I go back to school :).

What I’ve been reading…

Surprisingly enough, all non fiction this time- 

I generally like Jen Hatmaker- occasionally she’ll say something I don’t quite agree with or understand, but for the most part, I really like her books. 

I really, really, enjoyed this book. It tells about the ministry and crucifixion of Jesus through purely historical viewpoint. It was SO interesting to me right now, because it was exactly the history I have been teaching my third and fourth graders, so I really knew what it was talking about. He also has some others- Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, that I think I would like to read. 

Been working on this one for awhile. Now that I’ve been coaching cross country for a couple of years, I thought I needed to learn more about HOW to coach. I have basically been winging it, which is not all bad, but I think my runners deserve more than that. Some of this book was too technical for what I need, but some parts were really beneficial. Here’s to putting a plan into action!