Spring Break Day 1

Our first day of Spring Break was a pretty good one. The only bad part was that Jake woke up with a fever (again). He has been sick or sickish for the better part of this month, and just can’t seem to kick it. 🙁 

We hung out with him for awhile this morning, and then the kids and I ran to Ridgetop to wash the boat cover at the Laundromat. We stopped by Nana’s on the way, and the kiddos hung out there for a minute to play with Lane while I put the cover in the wash. On our way home we stopped at Sonic for a Spring Break treat and to get Jake a sick-day milkshake. 

After we got back home, I got busy scrubbing the inside of the boat while the kids played outside (and in the camper, because that is one of their favorite things to do!). After I finished the outside, the kids helped me wash the outside of the boat-and they did  a great job! 

After we finished with the boat and I put the cover on it, I was able to weed one of my flower beds, and even squeezed in a short run…(I am SO out of shape). 

Josie did a whole lot of this today, too: 

Lesa got her new ones for Easter, and she just loves them! 🙂 

Mee-Maw made an amazing supper tonight, and we brought some home to Jake. It was a pretty productive first day of spring break!

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