Reality is setting in….

I definitely no longer have a baby in my household. But you know what? I am totally okay with that. I am loving the “big kid,” way more independent stages!

 Last week Jack went for his kindergarten evaluations. And, true story- I can’t make this stuff up- I asked the teacher how he’d done. She said he had done well, but also added “he was very comfortable in his own skin….” So I asked her what she meant- that little stinker had PUT HIS FEET ON TOP OF THE DESK DURING HIS TEST! Of all things…he has NEVER been allowed to put his feet on any table at home. Needless to say, we worked a lot last weekend on “classroom etiquette” things. (Because, in his defense, he has never sat in a desk, or been in any kind of classroom setting besides Sunday School).

 On Monday he came to school with me for his observation day- spending a couple of hours in the kindergarten class (this is mostly just so the teacher can see how they are going to act in the classroom and so the kids get a “taste” of what kindergarten will be like). He was SO excited. 

 That is, until it was time for me to drop him off at the classroom- he got a little teary/nervous. But I checked on him a few minutes later, and he was just fine, of course. In fact, he had a really good time, and did great! (No feet on desks this time!) 

 This little booger boy is going to KINDERGARTEN in just 4 short months!

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