Well, I guess since it is about to be the weekend again, I should go ahead and blog about the last weekend. 😛 

It was a pretty good one. Josie spent the night with Grammy and Pappy on Friday night after Grandparent’s Day. She rarely gets to be there by herself, so it was a good treat for her. And it meant Jack got to have a movie night with me a Jake- he picked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Or, as he says “Inja” Turtles)

Saturday we had a lazy first half of the day. One of Jake’s clients sent him a drone, so he got that out and started playing with it. It was really cool! 

He took pictures of our house and property

Love this picture of my guys

We took it down to my parents when we went to pick up Jo….she was getting to play with Katie Ann. 

They thought the drone was quite awesome, too. 

And Jack was in HEAVEN, because he got to ride in Uncle Chad’s new Razor!!

Sunday the kids and I were at Grammy and Pappy’s again, this time to celebrate Josh and Jackie with a baby shower! Can’t wait to meet sweet little Everett. 🙂

And somehow, some kiddos convinced Pappy to get out his Ranger…..

Thankful for this crazy family of mine!

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