Catching Up

So, obviously, I have not been the best blogger here lately. Life happens. Sometimes life is not so blog worthy. Now, don’t get me wrong-life is not bad right now, it has just been very routine, and I have been doing a horrible job taking pictures. Which is okay. 🙂 So, anyways, here is a random list of things. 

1.The boys in my family have been sick this week, which I hate. I don’t like seeing my boys not at their best! Jack woke up Sunday from his nap with a cough and a fever, and he kept the fever until Tuesday night! Wednesday was his first fever free day. I stayed home from work with him on Monday, and Mama Judy kept him on Tuesday and Wednesday-so grateful for her always willingness to fill in for us when the kiddos are sick! Jake came home from his soccer scrimmage on Monday night with a fever, and this has been his first fever free day all week. Hopefully it will end there and not spread further. 

2.There is a new girl in Josie’s class…..named-get this- Josie. Out of 900 kids at Greenbrier, there was NO ONE named Josie except for our girl. And then, at our tiny school of 90 total kids, there ends up being another Josie in her class…..and unless they move away, will ALWAYS be in her class, since we are not big enough to have multiple classes per grade level. Oh well…..our Josie is thrilled with the idea, so we will go with that. 🙂

  1. Jack’s constant companion and new favorite sleeping buddy now is the possum we got him for Christmas. Even Dolphie has been tossed aside for “Climby” the possum. While he was sick, he didn’t let go of Climby or his “piece a blanket” for even a second… after his fever broke, Climby and the piece a blanket had to go through some MAJOR disinfecting. 

  2. Spring has sprung! We’ve been having some beautiful warm weather, and while I know we will still have some major cold snaps, I have loved this warm spell. I will NEVER complain about an early spring! 

5.Today was Grandparent’s Day at our school. I was SO glad Josie didn’t catch Jack’s fever this week-that was my constant prayer- because I know she would have been devastated if she’d had to miss it! Grammy and Pappy and Mee-Maw came to watch her. I wish I’d thought to get a picture, but I was so busy doing my teacher duties that I totally forgot. 😛 That reminds me, here is a link to a blog post I stumbled across that is totally appropriate for that sentiment:     

A lot of this is so very true! 

6. So, I can’t think of a number 6, so I will just leave with you some pictures of a boy with his possum: 

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