Spring Break Day 1

Our first day of Spring Break was a pretty good one. The only bad part was that Jake woke up with a fever (again). He has been sick or sickish for the better part of this month, and just can’t seem to kick it. 🙁 

We hung out with him for awhile this morning, and then the kids and I ran to Ridgetop to wash the boat cover at the Laundromat. We stopped by Nana’s on the way, and the kiddos hung out there for a minute to play with Lane while I put the cover in the wash. On our way home we stopped at Sonic for a Spring Break treat and to get Jake a sick-day milkshake. 

After we got back home, I got busy scrubbing the inside of the boat while the kids played outside (and in the camper, because that is one of their favorite things to do!). After I finished the outside, the kids helped me wash the outside of the boat-and they did  a great job! 

After we finished with the boat and I put the cover on it, I was able to weed one of my flower beds, and even squeezed in a short run…(I am SO out of shape). 

Josie did a whole lot of this today, too: 

Lesa got her new ones for Easter, and she just loves them! 🙂 

Mee-Maw made an amazing supper tonight, and we brought some home to Jake. It was a pretty productive first day of spring break!

Easter 2016

We had a great Easter weekend around here. Our festivities started Thursday night with our church’s annual Seder dinner. This is one of my favorite traditions at our church. I had never even been to a Seder dinner until our church started it a few years ago, but now Easter doesn’t feel complete without it. 

Friday night was our Good Friday service, another thing our church does that I love-it is one of my favorite church services. What an awesome way to concentrate on what Easter is truly about. The kids even all sang a song- “All in All”-they were hilarious and cute. 

Saturday we had all of Jake’s family over to our house for our annual Easter egg hunt and cook out. Jake always grills the hamburgers and hot dogs, and Mee- Maw stuffs a ton of eggs with coins for the kids. And this is an Easter egg HUNT. We hide all the eggs really well- no eggs just scattered in the yard for us! This year we hid 170, and at the end we couldn’t find 6 of them, no matter how much we looked! All the kids hunt, even our college aged “kids.” 🙂

These kids are all getting SOO big!

The Easter bunny made his visit. Our kids always get just a little candy, a book, a snack, and a couple of other small things-this year it was bubbles and bandaids for Jack ( “INJA turtles!”) and bubbles and post-it notes for Jo (she loves those things). 

Then we got all spiffied up for church in time to take a few quick pictures before we left. 

Here’s my handsome boy…he was SO proud of his hat and bow tie! 

And my gorgeous girl….

We even set up the tripod to get a quick family pic….We didn’t spend a ton of time to get a “perfect” one, though. 🙂

We had a wonderful church service-it’s always so much fun to celebrate with all these people we love! Got a couple of pics of Jack with his best church buddies-

I have no clue what is up with his expression here…they were excited to both be wearing bow ties! 

After church we headed to Nana’s for lunch, where we stayed for the rest of the day. Everyone eventually made it by at some point, just at different times (we are officially all at “that” stage of life). I love hanging out with my family, though. 

These kiddos love their Nana so much. 

Getting a picture of all the kids together was MUCH easier this time than at Christmas! (Although, it may have helped that Shshr held Beau and Kinley, and that Lane knew he couldn’t hung eggs until the picture was over, lol. )

Jack just had to take a selfie of himself in his bow tie….

This girl has the BEST laugh, ever. 

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!!

Reality is setting in….

I definitely no longer have a baby in my household. But you know what? I am totally okay with that. I am loving the “big kid,” way more independent stages!

 Last week Jack went for his kindergarten evaluations. And, true story- I can’t make this stuff up- I asked the teacher how he’d done. She said he had done well, but also added “he was very comfortable in his own skin….” So I asked her what she meant- that little stinker had PUT HIS FEET ON TOP OF THE DESK DURING HIS TEST! Of all things…he has NEVER been allowed to put his feet on any table at home. Needless to say, we worked a lot last weekend on “classroom etiquette” things. (Because, in his defense, he has never sat in a desk, or been in any kind of classroom setting besides Sunday School).

 On Monday he came to school with me for his observation day- spending a couple of hours in the kindergarten class (this is mostly just so the teacher can see how they are going to act in the classroom and so the kids get a “taste” of what kindergarten will be like). He was SO excited. 

 That is, until it was time for me to drop him off at the classroom- he got a little teary/nervous. But I checked on him a few minutes later, and he was just fine, of course. In fact, he had a really good time, and did great! (No feet on desks this time!) 

 This little booger boy is going to KINDERGARTEN in just 4 short months!


Well, I guess since it is about to be the weekend again, I should go ahead and blog about the last weekend. 😛 

It was a pretty good one. Josie spent the night with Grammy and Pappy on Friday night after Grandparent’s Day. She rarely gets to be there by herself, so it was a good treat for her. And it meant Jack got to have a movie night with me a Jake- he picked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Or, as he says “Inja” Turtles)

Saturday we had a lazy first half of the day. One of Jake’s clients sent him a drone, so he got that out and started playing with it. It was really cool! 

He took pictures of our house and property

Love this picture of my guys

We took it down to my parents when we went to pick up Jo….she was getting to play with Katie Ann. 

They thought the drone was quite awesome, too. 

And Jack was in HEAVEN, because he got to ride in Uncle Chad’s new Razor!!

Sunday the kids and I were at Grammy and Pappy’s again, this time to celebrate Josh and Jackie with a baby shower! Can’t wait to meet sweet little Everett. 🙂

And somehow, some kiddos convinced Pappy to get out his Ranger…..

Thankful for this crazy family of mine!