Jack’s birthday

This little dude had a good fifth birthday. We got lucky and ended up going to school two hours late, which meant I could fulfill his birthday breakfast request- “J” pancakes with sprinkles. He means business. 

Nana and Shshr took him to the Depot for a birthday lunch, and he got free cake! 

For his birthday present, Mee-Maw gave him money to go to JumpStreet, so we decided his birthday night was the perfect time to go-and he LOVED it! He was so excited we were all jumping, and he and Josie wore themselves plumb out. They ran, jumped, flipped, and played dodge ball with some other kids. This little dude is not afraid of ANYTHING. 

We ended the night by letting Jack choose dinner, and he (of course) chose Chick Fil A. It was a great birthday for the munchkin- I can’t believe he’s five!

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