Jack’s birthday party

This weekend we had Jack’s FIFTH birthday party. I can’t believe he’s already five. He wanted a rocket ship birthday, so Ta made him a cool shirt and I made him a rocket ship cake (which ended up looking more like a hot air balloon, but he loved it, so that’s all that matters.) We invited our families to our house, and had hot dogs and nachos and cake and ice cream. Jack had a blast playing with his cousins, and our family blessed him with lots of cool presents. It was a good night for our little squirt. (Warning: get ready for some blurry pictures. I was NOT on my game, apparently.)

The hot air balloon…uh, I mean rocket ship cake.

The sweet birthday boy!

You can tell he was nervous with everyone singing to him, because he was playing with his shirt. 🙂

He was SO excited about his new monster truck rain boots!

And of course Pappy picked him out Rock’em Sock’em Robots. 

Josie made some cool decorations for the party:

Just three more days until he is officially FIVE!

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