Josie’s new ‘do!

So, since the day after I got my hair cut in December, Josie has been asking to cut her off and donate it, too. We agreed to let her, and I told her that I would take her when I went to get my hair cut again. She has literally been counting down the days since then!

And today was the day! I took her to one of my favorite hair stylists-every lady in my family goes to her, and she gave me my first real haircut when I was little and my first perm in the third grade! 🙂

The Before pictures:

Getting her hair washed…..

Measuring her ponytail….

Cutting it!!

She was SO excited!

So proud of her new ‘do! 

And the After pictures….

She prissed around for the rest of the night, and couldn’t stop playing with it or looking in the mirror. 🙂 Having a little mini-me is fun. 🙂

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