One month shy….

Dear Jack, 

You are just ONE month shy of being five! That is incredible to me, because it seems like just yesterday you were crawling around on the floor (Oh wait, you were……) :). But really, I can’t believe you are so old! That means this is the last monthly update letter I will write to you. I think I will still have to continue to post some updates, though. Especially your funny conversations. Because those crack us ALL up. 

This was a fun month….

  • You got to go to the first Vandy game of the season and spend the night with Nana. You were SO pumped. You absolutely love going to the basketball games, and I love that you get to experience this just like I did when I was little. 

-We celebrated Christmas. You loved every minute of it. Some of your favorite presents were a toy chainsaw from Ta and Tommy, your bean bag chair from Grammy and Pappy, bristle blocks from Mee-Maw, and a go cart from us! 

-You have ran the wheels off your go cart since Christmas. You absolutely love it. 

-We celebrated New Year’s Eve with the Hohenadels. You always have such fun playing with their boys, and y’all play so good together! Y’all rang in the New Year by running about a million laps around our house. 

-We went to Monster Jam in Nashville to celebrate your birthday, a little early. You were just as amazed by it this time as you were last time you went. Your favorite truck was still El Torro Loco, and now your dreams for the future include being a monster truck driver. 

-You have gotten remarkably good at a game called Space Marshalls on Daddy’s iPad. Which is strange, because it is a game where you have to read a lot, and you can’t read at all. We still have to put really strict limits on your iPad time, because you would play forever if we’d let you. 

-You Sunday School class said Psalm 1 for the church-you were so cute on the stage. You did really good memorizing it, even if you always said “Log of the Lord” instead of “Law of the Lord.” Silly boy 🙂

-You have been eating pretty good this month. You will do pretty much anything for a “azert” (dessert). You “abower” (devour) chicken legs. Breakfast foods are by far still your favorite. You picked Cracker Barrel as your birthday dinner so you could get pancakes AND dessert. You love nuts of any kind, steak, pork chops, carrots, clementines, and Chinese food chicken. 

  • You are wearing mostly 4T clothes, size 10 shoes, and you are still not quite 40 lbs. You are about 39 inches (I think). Still a tiny thing, but you make up for it with a LOT of personality! 

-You still want me to pat pat you every night, and you still love to sleep with “Dolphie” and a soft fleece car blanket. You have taken, also, to sleeping in your sleeping bag instead of under your covers. You love books, and still love to listen to Bible stories before you go to sleep. 

Baby boy, I love you, and whether you like it or not you will ALWAYS be my baby. 



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