Some goals

I always like to set some goals for the year. Sometimes I stick with them, sometimes I don’t, but it never hurts to try, and I always do better with a plan. So here are some general goals for 2016: 

  • Finish reading through the Bible. I started reading a chronological Bible in the fall, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far, so I want to stick with that. 

-Read more non-fiction books. I have no trouble at all reading, I love to read-but I’ve always been a fiction reader, and I would like to expand my options a bit more. I’ve just never enjoyed many non-fiction books, so I think it is going to be finding the right ones for me that is the key. I would also like to read some biographies. 

  • Lose about 5 pounds. I have always been thin, and I am in pretty good shape, but I could always improve. I weigh more right now than I have at any point in my normal life (not counting pregnancy/nursing stages), and so I would like to lose just a few pounds and get back in shape in general. No being sluggish just because its winter. 

-No Facebook on my phone. Why is FB so addicting? It is, and it is ridiculous and such a time suck. So I’ve made myself a new rule- no looking at FB on my phone, only on the computer. 

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