Christmas 2015

We had a good, busy Christmas around here. We pack a lot into two days at Christmas time! 

Christmas Eve morning we always go to Mama Judy’s for breakfast and presents with the family. It is always super yummy breakfast, and the kids are always so excited to open their first presents of the holiday! 

My kiddos, all ready to go to Mee-Maw’s

Jake is the official egg cooker. 

All these kids are getting SO big!

This was Josie’s favorite present- pillow stuffing! Mee-Maw got her sewing stuff for her sewing machine- she was so excited!

Andrew was examining Liz’s scarf. 🙂

After Mama Judy’s, we headed over to Nana’s for the rest of the day. Nana always fixes steaks for dinner…..and they are ALWAYS amazing. And even more amazing- the WHOLE family actually got to be there for dinner! I don’t think that has happened even once this whole year! It was great. 

The weather has been very unseasonably warm this December (which I am not complaining about at all!), so we went for a walk to Shshr’s…without jackets. In t-shirts. I was loving it!

Beau’s first Christmas! 

The yummy spread!

We sang Happy Birthday to Lane, a few days late. 🙂

Jack LOVED this chainsaw from Ta and Tommy!

Kinley got this cool teepee, and she LOVED it!

Sweet thing!

These next few picture This is what happens when you try to take pictures of 5 kids, ages 7, 4, 2, 1, and 2 weeks. LOL. 

This one turned out good, though!

Christmas morning at our house was so much fun this year. We keep it small, just one present for each kid and stocking stuffers, but this year the presents were  a little bigger than usual. Jack has been wanting a go-cart for over a year now, and he has even been saving his piggy bank money for one. So, when we found a good deal on this cool electric go-cart, we couldn’t resist. And Josie is hard to shop for, but we also found a great deal on a pink kayak, and thought it was the perfect present for our big girl!

All ready and waiting…..our wrapping job was really fancy, huh?

Coming down the stairs…I had to wake these goobers up-I always have had to wake them up on Christmas morning.

I don’t think Jack knew what to think at first. In fact, I’m not even sure he knew WHAT it was when he first pulled the blanket off. He warmed up pretty quick, though!

Josie was SOO excited about hers! 

Jack had a better reaction over his stocking stuffers than he did the go-cart, of course. 🙂 He was especially excited to get a stuffed possum- He is a bit obsessed with possums, and has named the one that lives in our yard Climby. So of course, this new stuffed animal is called Climby, and was INSTANTLY promoted to sleeping buddy status. 

Josie LOVED this knock-knock joke book. 

As soon as it was just a *little* light outside, we took the go cart out (in the rain), and let Jack try it out. He was a little unsure at first, but he loved it. He really loved it the next day when he got to drive it all over the yard! And he has driven the wheels off it every day since. He’s gotten really good at driving it. 🙂

We carried on our tradition of singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus-our kids love this. 

After we did our Christmas morning at home, we headed to my parents’ house for Christmas morning breakfast with all my dad’s family- always a HUGE crowd. Luckily, the rain cleared off, and it was warm enough for all the kids to play outside.

 It’s the tradition that the guys do all the cooking (with my Mom supervising-she can’t totally give up her kitchen!), and they all have their jobs down pat- Daddy does sausage, Kyle does bacon, Jake does eggs, Andy does the fried oysters (another tradition), Uncle Bill/Steven do the ham. Uncle Jim’s contribution is aunt Angela’s VERY delicious homemade cinnamon rolls. 🙂

Snapped this great picture of all the older girls (notice Beth is barefoot! On Christmas Day! Outside!)

And this is what the picture of the boys was like, lol. 

After all the extended family left, it was time to do Christmas with just my family. 

Things are getting to be a little crazy with the more kids we keep adding…..

We hung out at Mom and Dad’s until dinner time, letting the kiddos play (and nap-Jack crashed in a chair watching a cartoon), snacking, and burning the mass amount of cardboard boxes before the rain came again. 

For dinner, we headed over to Mama Judy’s-she always cooks soups on Christmas Day for whenever anyone can stop by. We always go for dinner, and usually end up playing cards, which is exactly what we did this year. I love playing cards. 

Jack loves Jennie, and Jennie is a sweet heart who will just about do anything he asks! 🙂

We always miss her when she has to go back home! 

Jack needed a picture with just Jennie and his possum, lol. 

It was a good holiday. The presents are nice, but getting to be with our family is definitely the best part- we are so blessed to have such a huge family, and to be so close to all them. We are blessed to not have to travel on the holidays, too- everyone is within 15 minutes of us! 

Merry Christmas!