Thanksgiving, Part 2

Today was another great day of family and food. We spent the whole day at Mama Judy’s with all of Jake’s family. It was a great day of eating, hanging out, playing cards, just having fun. The weather was gorgeous again, so the kids spent the better part of the day outside. Mama Judy declared today family picture day since we were all going to be under one roof, so I snapped some pictures before we ate, which proved to be a hilarious time as always. There were lots of “sorority girl” poses going on….lol. Here are just a few of my favorites:

This girl is getting too grown looking! 

And so is this one! 

Sweet Abby

This is, hands down, my favorite picture of the day! 

My two monkeys

These two are peas in a pod-they love each other so much! 


Mee Maw with all SEVEN of her grand babies! (And some of those babies are bigger than her…)

Our gorgeous college girl….

Andrew smiles at the camera now! 

The whole family

All the cousins….so glad our kiddos get to grow up with all their cousins so close! Cousins are the best kind of friends. 🙂

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