4 years, 9 months

Well late is better than never, right?

Dear Jack, 

This has been a really fun and exciting month! Fall is always busy around our house, and this was definitely no exception….in fact, this might have been the busiest one yet! 

  • We started with a wonderful, wonderful fall break. We spent the first half with Grammy, Pappy, Nana, Ta, and Tommy at Dale Hollow Dam. You rode a million miles on your bike, we went hiking around the island and visited all the caves, and spent the night with Grammy and Pappy AND Ta and Tommy. The second half we went to Pickett State Park with Mee-Maw and Aunt Liz and her kids. You had an absolute blast playing with Matthew, and we hiked a LOT of miles, and you did great! Your favorite part was the huge cave that we played hide and seek in. 

  • You finished up your soccer season. You scored three goals. You loved practice, and enjoyed your games (although you spent more time running in circles than actually chasing the ball!). You are already asking when you start playing again!

  • We finally got to pick your sweet potatoes in the garden! You had a GREAT time digging them up, and were so excited to see some as big as your head! Sweet potatoes are definitely still your favorite food. 

-You had pre-k testing with Mrs. King. You were SO excited to get to be coming to JECA with me and Josie! You loved your the time with Mrs. King, and now are asking all the time when you will be old enough to start school. 

  • We picked out pumpkins at Smiley’s and you and Josie had a fun time painting them. 

-You and Josie had a blast trick or treating. You were SO excited about your R2D2 box costume, and you made the cutest R2D2 I’ve ever seen! 

-You had a never-ending cold that finally has ended in an ear infection. Luckily, amoxicillin has fixed that problem. Unluckily for us, amoxicillin seems to make you WILD and crazy! 

-Although, you are always a little wild and crazy. There is ALWAYS a constant stream of noise coming from your mouth. You love to sing, dance, laugh, make people laugh, tell jokes, wrestle with your daddy, climb on anyone who’s around, play with Josie, roll trucks all over creation, and basically never.stop.moving. 

-You have big plans for the future. You are going to marry Josie, and have a big, big yard with a dirt bike race track. And a dirt bike, of course. You also have big plans to go to Florida and watch a rocket blast of to “owter space.” You are FULL of big plans, always. 

  • I love, love the way you talk (although I know I need to start correcting you soon). I love that you still say “my” instead of “I” and “mine” instead of “I’m” and “shes” instead of “hers.” You say funny things all the time, like “plitch black.” You are my baby, and I just want to keep you that way for a little bit longer. 🙂 Plus, you crack us up on a regular basis with all your funny stories. 

-You are still pretty tiny. You weigh 37 lbs, but you are finally getting into some 4T clothes. You make up for your size in personality, though! 

-All breakfast foods are your favorite. You would eat solely breakfast foods if we would let you. Sausage and biscuits, muffins, oatmeal, donuts, cereal, etc. You love it all. 

Little boy, I love you to the moon and back. 



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