Fall break, part 2

On Wednesday, we packed up the camper and went a little farther east to join Liz and the kids and Mama Judy at Pickett State Park. They stayed in a cabin, and we stayed in our camper (Well, Jake and I did…the kids just spent the night in the cabin, because they never miss a chance to spend the night somewhere!). Again, BEAUTIFUL weather, the whole time we were there. We had a great time. We did LOTS of hiking. It is so nice that all the kids are big enough to hike now. Although…we may have gotten a little ambitious one day. Thursday we drove over to Big South Fork, and decided to do a 2 mile hike to Angel Falls, a major rapid on the Cumberland River. It was beautiful, but 4 miles with 6 kids, 2 of them under 6 might have been a little much. We all survived, though. 🙂 There was a swinging bridge at the park that the kids had a blast on, and one day we rented canoes and canoed all around the little lake, which was so much fun! There was big cave called “Hazard Cave” that was all the kids’ favorite part. We even hiked back on the last day, and played a big game of German Spotlight in there for forever. It was really big and open on one side, and had just enough light for the kids to see where they were going, and tons of big rocks to play on. It was great. At night we put the kids to bed and Jake, Liz, Mama Judy, and I played hand and foot, possibly the best card game ever invented. Jake and Liz are ALWAYS the winners, but it is still a ton of fun. And Mama Judy and I actually won one time! That was nothing short of a miracle. 

It was a great trip! Have I ever mentioned how much I love fall break?

Love this picture of my Jack man in the cave. He’s not afraid of anything. 

All the kids in Hazard cave…

Angel Falls

The really cool natural bridge.

Halfway through our 4 mile hike!

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