Fall Break, part 1

Better late than never, right? 🙂

Our fall break was awesome. We camped the whole time, and it was the most PERFECT weather we could have ever asked for. 

For the first part of fall break, we went camping at Dale Hollow Dam with Mom and Dad, Ta and Tommy, and Nana. Mr. Rick and Mrs. Nancy and some of their family was there, too. It was such a wonderful trip. So relaxing. We rode bikes, I got to run with my Daddy and Jake, Josie went squirrel hunting for the first time with Pappy and Daddy, we visited the fish hatchery, the kids spent the night in with Grammy and Pappy and with Ta and Tommy (I think they only spent a couple of nights in our camper!), we went hiking around the swinging bridge island and let the kiddos explore the caves, and there was lots of sitting in the sun and reading books. It was even cold enough to sit around a fire and not roast. 🙂 Wonderful, wonderful. 

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